User’s Contacts

Similarly to the user’s profile, after authentication, Hybridauth can provide the connected user contact list in a rich, simple and standardized structure across the social APIs supporting this feature.

If a provider does not support this feature, Hybridauth will throw an exception NotImplementedException. To know more about providers capabilities, refer to Supported Providers .

Usage :

// Instantiate Google Adapter.
$google = new Hybridauth\Provider\Google($config);

// Sign in with google.

// Retrieve User's contacts.
$userContacts = $google->getUserContacts(); // Returns an array of Hybridauth\User\Contact objects.

// Iterate over the user contacts list.
foreach ($userContacts as $contact) {
	echo $contact->displayName . ' ' . $contact->profileURL . "\n";

Class Hybridauth\User\Contact

This class represents a user’s contact.

Data Members :

Field Name Type Short description
identifier String The Unique contact’s ID on the connected provider. Usually an integer.
profileURL String URL link to profile page on the IDp web site
webSiteURL String User website, blog, web page, etc.
photoURL String URL link to user photo or avatar
displayName String User display name provided by the IDp or a concatenation of first and last name.
description String A short about-me or the last contact status
email String User email. Not all of IDp grant access to the user email

(IDp stands for ID Provider)