Hybridauth Documentation

Welcome to Hybridauth documentation. We recommend to start by reading Installation then Introduction and then you may move to Developer References for advanced usage. To make sure you can sign in your users with a certain social network or identity provider, refer to Supported Providers.

Getting started

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Installation System requirements, installation process and namespace auto-loading.
Introduction Contains introductory examples of how to use Hybridauth to sign in users with social networks.
Supported Providers Listing of supported social networks and identity providers and their enabled features.

Developer References

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User Authentication Examples of how to authenticate users with a given providers and how to make use of access tokens.
User Profile Describes how to retrieve users profiles in standardized structure across all the social networks.
User Contacts list Describes how to retrieve users contacts lists.
User Activity Stream Describes how to retrieve users activity stream such as tweets and Facebook’s wall.
User Status Outlines how to update user’s status.
Providers APIs Outlines how to access social networks APIs in behalf of connected users.
Exceptions Errors and exceptions handling.
Extending Hybridauth Describes how to add new providers adapters to Hybridauth, and how to port them from 2.x.


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Migrating from 2.x Describes how to migrate from Hybridauth 2.x to Hybridauth 3.0.