User’s profile

Once a user is authenticated against a provider API, you can retrieve the user’s profile in a rich, simple and standardized structure across all the social APIs supported by Hybridauth.

The Hybridauth\User\Profile object will be populated with as much information about the user as Hybridauth was able to pull from the given API or authentication provider.

Sample :

// Instantiate Github Adapter.
$github = new Hybridauth\Provider\GitHub($config);

// Authenticate using Github.

// Retrieve User's profile.
$userProfile = $github->getUserProfile(); // Returns an instance of class Hybridauth\User\Profile.

// Access User's dispaly name.
echo 'Hi ' . $userProfile->displayName;

Class Hybridauth\User\Profile

It represents the current logged in user profile.

Data Members :

Field Name Type Short description
identifier String The Unique user’s ID on the connected provider. Can be an integer for some providers, Email, URL, etc.
profileURL String URL link to profile page on the IDp web site
webSiteURL String User’s website, blog, web page,
photoURL String URL link to user’s photo or avatar
displayName String User’s display name provided by the IDp or a concatenation of first and last name.
description String A short about-me
firstName String User’s first name
lastName String User’s last name
gender String User’s gender. Values are ‘female’, ‘male’ or NULL
language String User’s language
age Integer User’s age, note that we don’t calculate it. We return it as it is.
birthDay Integer The day in the month in which the person was born.
birthMonth Integer The month in which the person was born.
birthYear Integer The year in which the person was born.
email String User’s email. Not all of IDp grant access to the user email
emailVerified String Verified user email. Note: not all of IDp grant access to verified user email.
phone String User’s phone number
address String User’s address
country String User’s country
region String User’s state or region
city String User’s city
zip String Postal code or zipcode.
data Array Any extra data which is related to the user (e.g followers).

(IDp stands for ID Provider)