Update User Status

Hybridauth provides a way to updates users statuses across the social APIs supporting this feature.

If a provider does not support this feature, Hybridauth will throw an exception NotImplementedException. To know more about providers capabilities, refer to Supported Providers .

Twitter example :

//Instantiate Twitter Adapter
$twitter = new Hybridauth\Provider\Twitter($config);

//Authenticate the user

//Update the user status
$twitter->setUserStatus( "Hello world!" );

Tumblr example :

//Instantiate Tumblr Adapter
$tumblr = new Hybridauth\Provider\Tumblr($config);

//Authenticate the user

//Post a blog post
$tumblr->setUserStatus( "Hello world!" );

Facebook example :

Facebook supports few extra parameters when posting a new user status :

//Instantiate Facebook Adapter
$facebook = new Hybridauth\Provider\Facebook($config);

//Authenticate the user

//Update the user status
        'message' => 'Hello world!',
        'link'    => 'https://example.com/link/to/page',
        'picture' => 'https://example.com/link/to/picture.jpg'